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The Berlin music group “Short and Crunch” was founded on 15.12.2012
by Kevin and Marco Liere.

As a music project, Short and Crunch gives us the opportunity
to express our emotions and feelings in a way of melodies and lyrics.
Symptoms, psychological abysses of today’s society,
faith and inexplicable mysticism fascinates us and guides us to new song ideas.

We use Percussive-like rhythms, texture sounds, drums, synthesizer, classical music
or even sounds from our environment for our music.
Our creativity is limitless!

As “music addicted” musicians we feel affiliated to “the scene” but not bound to it.
We want to be unique, that’s why we are combining genres such as
Harsh EBM, Synthpop, Ambient and Cinematic to create a sound that’s typical for Short and Crunch.

Our music is produced and processed digitally,
to give us enough freedom for sound editing. For example Vocal Layering or FX.

Our primarily german written texts can therefore be changed and mixed in different ways,
to accomplish distorted voices (Harsh) or other modifications like FX sounds.

We do not pursue political or religious intentions
and would like to not be associated with them in any way.

We let our music do the talking and have an awful lot of fun, writing about
topics in society, which people tend to ignore these days.

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Kevin Liere






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Marco Liere

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