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The SHORT AND CRUNCH Album APATHY is out now!

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For the release day we have prepared a video of the song “Labyrinth” for you.
Our intro should accompany you into the album. We hope you like the music and our new video!

Lyrics can be found here:

Signing CDs for some people who pre-Ordered already


If you want your CD signed too before we send it off, let us know. 🙂

100 CD edition of APATHY just arrived!


The 100 CDs have just arrived!
One week before release, the first copies will already go out to the ones who pre-ordered, as a thank you 🙂

Album “Apathy” Snippet / Preview to listen to!


➤ Youtube:
➤ Soundcloud:…/apathy-album-snippet-trailer-2021

Das SHORT AND CRUNCH Album APATHY erscheint am 27.02.2021!

Songs to listen to:
0:00​ – Mr. Cutter
0:43​ – Paria
1:17​ – Ebenbild
1:53​ – Konstanz
2:33​ – Lebenskunst
3:14​ – Intrusion

Lyrics can be found on our Website:

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New Album “APATHY” – Releases on 27.02.2021


New Album “APATHY” Releases on 27.02.2021
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This album was originally planned as an EP release, but developed over time, into a full-fledged album. (Perhaps one or the other still remembers this specific video at that time). Themes covered in this album are: Loneliness, depression, apathy in everyday life, delusions, the immutability of mankind, pacifism and panic attacks. We would also like to thank INTENT:OUTTAKE and ES23, who made remixes for us for the songs “Paria” and “Ebenbild” and reinterpreted them musically. Many thanks to both bands for their absolutely great remixes!

The album will be sold both digitally and as a physical 100-edition CD in 4-panel digipack format.

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