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SITD – Mundlos (Short and Crunch Remix – LYRIC VIDEO)


Our remix version of MUNDLOS remixed by
SHORT AND CRUNCH is finally finished and released on YouTube.
There u can see all the Vocal lyrics by [:SITD:]
from their newest Album release “TRAUMA:RITUAL”.

We had a lot of fun creating this LYRIC VIDEO
and are very proud to present the final result to you.
Thanks to [:SITD:]!

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Monster (Suicide Commando Cover)


Short and Crunch – Monster (Suicide Commando Cover)
can be found on SUICIDE COMMANDO’s newest release.
We are proud to be a part of the so called “TRIBUT” CD!!

Support your local scene!

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[:SITD:] – Mundlos Remix by Short and Crunch


[:SITD:] released their next album “TRAUMA:RITUAL”
which contains the song “MUNDLOS” remixed by us SHORT AND CRUNCH.

We are so happy to be a part of their new music
and we hope that you will like the remix as much as we do!

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Blutschwur Youtube Playlist


Check out our Youtube playlist for our debut album “Blutschwur” in high quality.
Scroll down if you want to support our music.

Short and Crunch – Blutschwur Youtube Playlist:

You want to support us or show some love?
(Please visit bandcamp for ordering our physical CD release)
All the important links are shown down below:

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Merry Christmas!



We talked about giving u some Christmas gifts so we thought about
uploading 2 songs from our album “Blutschwur” in high quality from now on every day.

Short and Crunch – Baron Samedi:

Short and Crunch – Blutschwur:

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